Inland Invasion II

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Chris and I went back to the press area in case any band members came over for interviews and/or pictures. We drank a few more waters and I watched Bad Religion from the side of the Stage. After their awesome performance, we found our way over to Joey again and then Chris went to shoot photos of Social Distortion.
After Social D, I went back to the press area to look for Mike Ness. But unfortunately he did not come over there. I stayed in the back hoping against hope that the Pistols would come out during the Offspring's set but they did not. Oh well….such is life!!

Chris came back after shooting the Offspring and we made a plan for the Sex Pistols.
We decided that, since Chris was already in with the photo guides, (And it seemed like a bad idea to change horses in the middle of the race…), he would go up front and shoot stills and that I would go to the seats and record the show on video. ( To see the opening click here. )
The zoom on the camera is really good so it came out nice. But the battery was running low, so I just recorded until the thing went dead. I got until the end of "Pretty Vacant" on film. Not bad…about half the set.
We rocked out to the Sex Pistols and had a blast. We sang along on almost every song. They were incredible. They blew every other band there away. They were as vibrant and vitally important as they were in 1976. They have not lost one bit of their edge.

The playing of Steve Jones (guitar), Paul Cook (drums) and Glen Matlock (original bassist) has never sounded better. Johnny Rotten was so full of energy it was hard to believe that he is getting close to fifty. And age has definitely not made him less angry or any bit mellow. He still threw nasty comments at the crowd, the sponsors, and everything else that he could think of. (To hear John's thoughts click here.) He seems to get angrier every year, and who could blame him...The current state of "Punk" is for the most part a huge fucking joke. And the worst part is that most of the shit bands involved don't even realize that they are jokes!!! (HA HA HA… The Joke's really on You, the Consumer, and it REALLY isn't funny!)
The rest of the band seemed in great shape and health as well. (Although Glen was a bit over dressed.)
They finished up their set with a cover of the song "Silver Machine' from Hawkwind.
John left the stage with the following words: "Good night…and remember: We were underpaid for this!"