Inland Invasion II

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My interview with Colin Abrahall of G.B.H. was scheduled for 11:30 am and it went off with out a hitch. We talked, laughed and had a general good time. They were really cool guys and it was a pleasure to talk to them. All during the interview, Colin was drinking from a water bottle that did not contain water. From the color, I would guess that it was gin & tonic or something of that nature. After the interview we got some promo shots and photos of Chris and me with Colin and Danny. (Click Here for Interview.)
Chris spent most of his day taking photos and video of the bands while I wandered through the crowds, checked out the bands for my reviews, and shot photos of the people that were there. I also checked out merchandise, food, and the other hawker's booths.
The show itself was billed as a low dough show, and with 17 bands for only 35 dollars (plus Ticketmaster's fee) it definitely qualified as such. But inside it was a rip off.

They wanted $5 for bottled water, $8 for a pint of draft, $10 for a pint of Heineken, and $10 for a virgin frou-frou drink. (Long story short: I wanted fruit or something like it and they had these Pina Colada drinks made with real fruit, so I ordered one without knowing the price. The girl handed it to me and charged me TEN dollars!!! I nearly pissed my pants. It was highway robbery. I was like, "Put the gun away!" The only thing she lacked was a mask…)
As for food, they charged $6.50 - $7.50 for one of the worst hamburgers that I ever tasted, $6 for hot dogs, and $7.00 for a personal pizza that wasn't any bigger than a single slice at a real pizza shop. (And I thought that Woodstock '99 was overpriced.)