Inland Invasion II

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GuadalaHarry's is a very nice place. It looks like they picked up an old building in Mexico and dropped it into San Bernardino. The outside of the place is surrounded by gardens and framed in tall thin palm trees. The large wooden front doors gave the feel of a Spanish mission. The food smelled great. We had to wait about twenty minutes to get a table but it was cool. We had time for a cigarette… (I hate the fact that you can't smoke indoors in California.)
We took photos of us near the doors and with the palm trees.
They finally called us and we ordered drinks, an appetizer of guacamole and chips, and our food. For drinks we chose a tropical iced tea that had pineapple and peach in it. They brought us out a pitcher of it as well as full giant cups. It was refreshing and very tasty. But it wasn't as good as what came next…
Our waiter set up a station next to our table and made the guacamole from scratch right there in front of us! He peeled the avocados, mashed them with a fork, added the spices and some lemon juice and served it to us in a large wooden bowl with a basket of fresh hot tortilla chips. It tasted fabulous. (After dinner we all agreed that this part is what really made the meal.)

We quickly wolfed down the guacamole and sat back and sipped our teas. We only waited a few moments before our food arrived.
Joey & Emo each got a giant one and a half pound chimichanga. Those things were like the size of footballs! Huge!
Chris and I got the el Patron platter, which was a sampling of the house specialty items. There were chimichangas, burritos, tamales, beans, and more served on a plate the size of the one my Gram uses to serve the turkey at Thanksgiving! I couldn't believe the size of the portions. The value was fantastic.
They give you SOOO much food. And it all tasted SOOO good. We munched, and munched, and munched until we could munch no more. We were all stuffed to the point where we could hardly move. (We made more than a few references to the infamous Monty Python sketch with the "wafer thin" mint.) There was still a bunch of food left over. Our room had a small fridge so we got "to-go" boxes for the leftovers and went back to our motel.
There was still no sign of Jamie. The note was still in the door when we got back.
We dialed the lobby and asked for a seven o'clock wake-up call and asked them to call back again at quarter after, just to be sure we had gotten up.
Everyone but Joey (who had a nap before leaving Syracuse) had been awake for over forty-eight hours. It was time to rest. The next day was going to be HUGE!
We all stretched out on our beds, and in an instant everyone but me fell asleep. I was only awake long enough to turn out the light. I flipped the switch, and before the room was dark, I was in bed and asleep as well.