Inland Invasion II

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Mark, Jamie, & Joey - They really look like that before coffee.

Sept. 14, 2002
As requested, the phone rang at seven and we got up. We took turns getting showered and we all got dressed. Jeremy arrived at the room while I was in the shower.
After I got out of the shower and dressed, we went next-door and got Jamie and Mark. They had stopped off in Hollywood and went to the Rainbow. They drank a few beers and met Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead. By the time that they had gotten in, we were sound asleep. They needed to get ready so some of us went to get the free breakfast in the motel lobby.
They had two cereals: Froot Loops and Raisin Bran, milk, OJ, coffee and blueberry muffins. I had a little of all except the raisin bran. It was a good start to a great day. I brought a muffin and OJ back for Emo so that she would have them when she got out of the shower. She was glad to get them.
By the time we got back, Jamie and Mark were ready. They had a local rag about the L.A. scene that listed all the time slots for the bands. We all talked for a few minutes about the trip and decided that we would all ride to the show in the minivan rather than take two cars.
Moments later we were on our way. The directions were perfect and all was well. It took us a total of ten minutes to get there. Bless those wonderful people at
We got a great parking spot, took a photo of all of us and headed for the gate.

Emo went to the ticket counter and got a seat ten rows in front of us in the center section. The Rock & Roll gods were smiling on us again. (Click here for seating chart.)
Christophe and I had to go in through a separate press gate. We said our goodbyes and split up with the rest of our crew.
(This was the last we would see of the whole crew for the rest of the day. Jamie and Mark took off and weren't seen until it was over. Chris and I saw Jeremy and Joey later on as we found our seats late in the day. Emo and Joey hung out together until around the time the Damned played and they went to their seats.)
Chris and I hopped a V.I.P/Press cart to the far entrance of the venue and the Press area. It was located between the two stages.
I went up to the "will call" window and asked for my passes. The girl looked under my name and under G.B.H. She said that she found nothing, but not all of the bands had turned in their stuff yet. So, we waited about a half hour and a box full of envelopes arrived. I checked again and still nothing for me.
At this point I was a bit nervous because we had come so far and had so much gear with us, and it looked like we weren't going to get to do it.
I called the contact number I was given and all was made right. Within ten minutes we had press passes, an extra ticket, and a comfy seat in the press tent.
We got a couple of bottles of water and relaxed. We had about twenty minutes until the interview to get our stuff together.

(L - R): Mark, Lamie, Tom,
Jeremy, Joey, Emo, & Chris