Inland Invasion II

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We tried these kick-ass candies and lollipops called Chronic Candy. The lollipops and the gummy worm-like candies tasted EXACTLY like some high quality Kind Buds!!! It was amazing. We of course asked if it would get you high and the guy's response: "It will get you by!"
The guys running the booth took a picture of Joey holding a lollipop and said that they would put it on their website. (Even in California, his tattooed head and eye amazed people. He even stood out in the land of freaks and weirdoes…) They gave us a few free samples and lanyards and we were on our way. We looked at a few more booths and priced food. Then, we all walked to the top of the hill and got some cool shots including a giant panoramic picture made up of about ten photos.
We also got pictures of the bonfires that the kids were building and jumping through. My favorite of the bonfire photos shows a kid about ten to twelve years old running around the fire with his Mom. (What a cool Mom.)

During this time Blink-182 was playing. They were truly the worst band of the day. They sounded terrible. Let's not mince words: They SUCKED!!!
It has nothing to do with my opinion of the band in general, because I'm not that big on New Found Glory either, but they sounded okay and played well. Blink-182 just played poorly. You would think that the bill that they were playing on would inspire them to perform at their best, but alas, you would be wrong.
It was as if someone had walked up to the soundboard and hit the big red "SUCK" button. Even the little skit that they did sucked. It was a lousy performance all the way around. I was glad to be far from the speakers.

(Side note: I think it is funny that a band known for getting naked on stage does a song called "All the Small Things." I can just imagine the interview:
T.A.T.W.: What made you write "All the Small Things"?
Travis: Well, I had just gotten out of the shower and was standing in front of a full-length mirror and it just came to me…)

It was getting to be time for Bad Religion, Social Distortion, the Offspring and the band we were all waiting for: The Sex Pistols!!! We headed to our seats and the press area. On the way to the Press area, I stopped and bought the aforementioned frou-frou drink.
We parted ways at the entry to the seats with Jeremy heading to a good spot on the lawn and Joey to his seat.