Inland Invasion II

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We called Emo and let her know we were on our way, picked her up, and left for the Albany, NY airport at 2:30 A.M. after the Blue Tusk closed. At this point, Emo, Christophe and I had not slept in over twenty-four hours.
On the Thruway we gave Joey three guesses as to where we were taking him. He guessed the Damned, Bad Religion, and a WARP Tour show. I said yes to the first two and no to the last and he was a bit confused. We laughed and talked and had a lot of fun on the way to Albany.
When we turned into the airport Joey asked, "Why are we at the airport?" and we all just laughed.
Sept. 13, 2002
We grabbed our gear, caught the shuttle bus to the airport and we were really on our way.
At the airport, we checked in and Joey found out that we were taking him to L.A. Now he was REALLY confused.
We waited for the plane to board and at the last second there was an announcement that our flight would be delayed due to a dead battery on our aircraft.
They told us we would be delayed up to four hours! (FOUR HOURS!!!)

I was flipping. I was ready to hijack a plane myself to get us to Los Angeles. I wasn't going to miss this for ANYTHING!
They informed us a new battery was being flown in from another airport and that we would be on our way as soon as possible. (Don't these guys have jumper cables!?)
Christophe watched our gear while Emo, Joey, and I went out to smoke a butt and calm down.
Outside, Joey asked why we were going to Los Angeles. Emo and I were trying to be vague. I told him not to worry and that "cheap holidays are other people's misery."
You could almost hear the gears turning in his brain…
We smoked for a few more moments and then Joey looked at me and asked, "Are the Sex Pistols playing a show in LA?"
My response: "We need to talk to Christophe!"
So we went back through security and found Chris at the seats where he was watching our gear. I told him that Joey had guessed the Pistols and asked if we should tell him the rest. He agreed and we let Joey in on the rest of the line-up. It was for him, (like the rest of us), a fantasy line-up of his favorite bands.

The look on his face was great! He was so excited. So were we. Kidnapping a friend for something like this is awesome.
Finally, after only two hours we were off again on the same plane. We arrived in Atlanta and had to wait for our connecting flight, but NO PROBLEM…Atlanta airport has smoking lounges. No having to go through security again…YAY!!!

After a few smokes and some munchies we were on our plane and LA bound. Chris and Joey fell asleep for a while and I got this cool shot...