Inland Invasion II

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Noodles of the Offspring "Up Close & Personal."

I would return to the press booth usually just in time to find Chris coming back from the photo pit. Shannon, the lovely girl in charge of the press tent, took a liking to us and let me know if anyone had extra time for an interview.
Because of this, I was able to get interviews with Jay Bentley of Bad Religion and Warren Fitzgerald of the Vandals. (Thank You Shannon! You Rock!)
Jay was very interesting. He was smart and intense. His eyes look as if he is looking right through you. At first he was very tight-lipped. He would answer the questions with one-word answers, but after a few minutes he opened up. We talked about the current state of punk and other topics. He had some really powerful things to say. It went well. (Click Here for Interview.)
Warren, on the other hand, liked to talk and because of it I got one of my best interviews ever. It was a pleasure to talk with him. He went off on all kinds of topics. He just wouldn't shut up!!! It was great!
The whole time we were doing the interview he was really frenetic and jumpy. It almost seemed unnatural for a man of his age. Finally the tour manager had to drag him away, which was a bummer due to the fact that he was so fun to chill with. (Click Here for Interview.)
By being in the press tent I got to meet members of the Damned, the Buzzcocks, and although they weren't playing: members of the Stitches (Orange County), and the Undead.

We were only supposed to shoot photos of the bands on the second stage, but the Rock & Roll Gods were smiling on us again. As the bands on the main stage began, Christophe just went with the gaggle of press people up to the main stage. Jeff, the photo guide, saw him there asked what he was doing there and then said, "Ah, what the Hell…you're alright" and let him go up for the rest of the night. Way too cool!
Because of that, we were able to get pictures of the Damned, Social D, the Offspring, and the Sex Pistols. (Thanks Jeff! You Rock too!)
After the interviews were done, I decided that I wanted to get some shots from up at the top of the hill. I got Chris and we went and found Joey. As soon as we got walking we came across Jeremy. We walked around for a while and checked things out.