Inland Invasion II

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Sept. 15, 2002

We woke up, got dressed and headed out. The roads were particularly clear due to the fact that it was Sunday morning. We arrived at the car rental agency, dropped the mini-van, and caught a shuttle to the airport.

The security at LAX was a lot easier than the other airports. I only had to send my bag through once.
We hit the McDonald's in the terminal and ate.

An hour later we boarded our flight and headed for Atlanta. We experienced the worst turbulence I have ever been through. People were screaming and rushing for their seats. The wing of the plane shook so bad that I thought that it would come off. I admit that I was VERY nervous and even shouted "Holy Shit!!!" right out loud. (It's funny now, but it was really scary then…LOL! After we hit smoother air I apologized to the people around me for losing my cool. They all laughed and told me that I just voiced exactly what they were thinking at the time.)

We got past the turbulence and arrived it Atlanta. The landing was a little hard but we got there. We practically ran off the plane and into the smoking lounge. I REALLY needed that smoke.

We only had to wait about a half hour for our connecting flight and we were off again. I ended up sitting next to a lovely girl from Ireland. We chatted for a while and then watched some TV.
At last we arrived in Albany and it was pouring rain.
We caught a shuttle to Christophe's van. When we got to the parking lot, the rain let up just long enough for us to get our gear into the van. We hopped the Thruway and headed home.

We dropped off Emo and then Christophe took me home and I said my goodbyes to him and Joey and wished them Godspeed and a safe trip to Chris' house.
I went in the house and checked my email and then went to bed.
It was good to be home.

***The End***