Inland Invasion II

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We arrived in L.A. and went to pick up our car. We took a cab from the LAX to the Thrifty Car Rental joint. When we got there, the power was out. I asked if it was caused by the rolling blackouts and they laughed.
The rental guy informed us that they no longer had any full size cars for us and asked if we would take a minivan at the same rate. We agreed and were on our way.
We turned on the radio and put on KROQ. Within minutes they were playing the Sex Pistols in a rock block and they announced that the show was SOLD OUT! Emo did not have a ticket, but we had planned for this. Her plan was to get a ticket that would be released day of show that normally would be held by season ticket holders. If the owner does not reserve them, the tickets are sold on a first-come/first-served basis. (This happens at most "Sold Out" events.)
We followed our directions with me in the navigator's seat and in about two hours we were at our motel: Super 8 on Hospitality Lane in San Bernardino. The motel was clean, the staff was friendly, and the price was very affordable. The pool was small but cool. They even offer a free Continental breakfast.

We checked in and inquired as to whether Jamie Coville had checked in yet. The lady behind the counter said that Jamie had not arrived and that they would be in the room next to ours. She also informed us that our key card would get us a fifteen percent discount at the restaurant across the street.
We had already talked about eating and as a group had already decided that we wanted Mexican food, so we were happy to find out the name of the joint was GuadalaHarry's. Their specialty: Mexican food…huh! Coincidence? I think not!
We went to our room, unloaded our gear, and then cleaned ourselves up a bit. I left a note on Jamie's door letting him know where we were in case he showed up. Then we walked past the little swimming pool and some rose bushes that you could smell from across the parking lot, to the office. I left a message there for Jamie and we went to eat.