Inland Invasion II

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The lights came up and Emo came over to our seats. She let us know how great her seat was and that she had met Dennis Miller. (Yes, THAT Dennis Miller…)
We all agreed that the show ROCKED!!!
We headed out and met Jeremy right where he said he would be. We found the car and waited for Jamie and Mark. We didn't have to wait long. After about ten minutes the guys showed up and we were on our way.

Everyone agreed that it was the greatest show ever. None of us ever thought that we would get to see the Sex Pistols and there we were. It rocked. We were in the best of moods.
We headed out of the lot and cruised down Historic Route 66 (a small bonus for us), got on the highway and got lost, but only for a moment or two. After figuring out the problem with the directions we found our exit and finally got back to the motel. I wanted to get some food at the IHOP next to the motel.

Jamie, Mark, and Christophe wanted to go to sleep. Chris was exhausted and the other two had to be up at the ass-crack of dawn to catch their plane. Jeremy was on the same plane and would be riding with them in the morning, but he joined Joey, Emo, and me and went for food. It's not like we didn't have to be up just as early, but we wanted to eat and to talk about the show.

We all ate well and laughed at all the weirdoes that kept staring at us, especially Joey. Being California, you would think that they had enough freaks and weirdoes to look at. The food was good. I got a burger with avocados and it was awesome.

We hiked back to the motel, set up our wake-up call and went to sleep.