Poster By: Steve Cerio & J.P. Crangle

Mondo Creepshow Review

The Mondo Creepshow, which was sponsored by New Rock 105.1FM (The Dog) and The Promise Breakers (a local art & music coalition) drew a horde of several hundred costumed revelers to witness the spectacle at the marvelously opulent Landmark Theatre, which is the crown jewel of the Armory Square District in the heart of Syracuse.
Not since the Glory Days of Syracuse legends Masters of Reality has a local show been able to set up at the Landmark Theatre and even then, it was nowhere near as extravagant as the show on October 11th!
Many notables of the local scene were spotted at the event including members of Thunderosa, NewTimes Music Editor Nathan Turk, Landmark Theatre Director Denise Frecina, as well as Creepjoint guitarist/vocalist Tim Harrington (formerly of Masters of Reality) and Hollywood Producer Gary Dobbins among others.

The Mondo Creepshow consisted of three floors of Rock & Roll, Conceptual Art, and Animation & Short Films.

The Animation Festival was located in the Landmark's illustrious Walnut Room located below the main lobby. It collected various groups throughout the evening as people rested from watching bands and looking at the art and took in the wonderful short films.
This was the same animation that ran at the Toronto Animation Festival drawing record crowds and making the front page of Toronto's major newspapers.
The films ranged from poignant epics featuring a Roman warrior and his horse, to outrageous laugh-out-loud comedies starring a squirrel and a pig in a fight over an acorn. The crowd was more than satisfied.


Meanwhile, in the Landmark Theatre Lobby the Art Collective of the Promise Breakers consisting of Chuck Westfall, Frank Cammuso, Steve Cerio, Anne Childress, Mike Cody, Le Brown Coye, J.P. Crangle, Jeff Davies, Chris Ennis, Susan Germain, Scott Herrmann, Dave Hill, Tom Huff, Mia Ilnitzki, Joey Larkin, Doug Lloyd, Jeff Mack, Sheri Pafumi, Allison Perkins, RFH and Richard Williams showed wondrous paintings and sculptures from the members of their group. The twenty-one artists involved portrayed stunning imagery and a major social commentary about the world today.
Though the art is not the usual waterfalls and self-portraits that you would find at many shows, it was all gallery-quality material. From J.P. Crangle's paintings of empowered dripping ice cream cones to Richard Williams' nude picture of George W. Bush with his hands and groin soaked in oil, the material ran the gamut from interesting and fun to disturbing and thought-provoking and drew quite a few comments from observers.

The final part of the entertainment triad for the evening was the non-stop Rock & Roll!

Children Of apathy

Cliff Diver & 6 lb. Bucket


The evening began in the Lobby with the Industrial/Goth sounds of Children of Apathy. The band played beside the works of art and showed that the musical talent featured in the show was at least on par with the quality of the conceptual art hanging nearby.
It continued with the music of Cliff Diver & 6lb. Bucket who ran through their set to the rambunctious applause of the crowd. Cliff Diver and Company ended up doing double duty for the evening when they played a second set later in the night to make up for the cancellation of The Sanford Wilkes Project.
After Cliff Diver's set Superthrive fired up the upstairs stage. Superthrive, originally known as Slang Girl, made the long drive up from New York City to play in their old hometown. It was worth the drive as the crowd really got into the sonic whirlpool that the band provided.

Beauty Scene Outlaws

Small Girl Boils Water


Then, it was back down to the Lobby stage for the Beauty Scene Outlaws who, in the opinion of this reviewer, sounded the best they have ever sounded. The screaming guitars and wonderful vocals made you remember why you love rock!
After that set, Small Girl Boils Water took the upstairs stage and brought their brand of eclectic sonic jazz to the people. The band's sound is very different from the mainstream and frontman Al Smead is the Salt City's answer to William S. Borroughs. The pictures painted by the lyrical and musical content of the band ranked right up there with drummer Steve Cerio's paintings which were hanging as part of the art show.
JONES, the newest project from former Dracula Jones frontman Jeff Jones was like an early trick-or-treat gift for the ears. JONES and his band rocked through some great new tunes and made you understand why the name Jones will forever be ingrained as part of this city's musical history. He looked great and sounded even better.

Born Again Savages

The Last Season

Next, Syracuse's Clown Princes of Punk Rock: Born Again Savages delivered the goods as they stepped up and vented the frustrations of the world. The Savages, with frontman Tom "The Sarge" Carpenter dressed in a blue suit reportedly stolen from rapper P. Diddy, served up some new material such as "Impotent Exile (i.e.)" and "Can't Escape You" as well as fan favorites like "WonderBread" and "Happy Pill" and the crowd went wild!
The Last Season, one of the most popular of the newer bands in Syracuse, closed the show on a powerful note. Their aggressive music kept the level of entertainment high and frantic until the last seconds of the evening and left the crowd with their ears ringing and screaming for more!

Kudos to the stage and sound crew from H & R PRODUCTION for the wonderful job on the stage and lights and sound! The entire show ran exactly on schedule without a hitch and looked and sounded phenomenal!

All in attendance said that they had a great time and that it was indeed the BEST PARTY in Central New York.
If you missed it…too band for you.

But, you may have another chance. The people at the Landmark Theatre were very happy with the attendance and it looks like they will be more open to doing future events like this one.