The Haunt (Ithaca, NY) - October 15th, 2003

The Haunt

King's X is one of the most important bands to hit the music business. They are also one of the most severely overlooked bands.
King's X have influenced so many musicians that it is hard to believe that they were never embraced by the mainstream media. And now, in a time when many bands that came out at the same time as King's X are re-uniting, they have proved that they have the staying power to outlast the peers of their past and are impressing a whole new legion of fans.
For over sixteen years, the original trio of Ty Tabor (guitar), Doug Pinnick (bass) and Jerry Gaskill (drums) has built and maintained a reputation as hardworking musicians' musicians. They have done their time, having worked in the threnches, playing show after show in small clubs and giant arenas alike and all the while doing it with grace, style, and poise.
King's X is currently on the road promoting their newest release entitled "Black Like Sunday" as part of a Co-Headlining Tour with Fishbone.
The two bands though very different, have many things in common. They are both well respected bands with a following of rabid hardcore fans that will come out no matter where they play, and they are seasoned professionals that deliver the goods.
Not ones to rest on the laurals of their past, the members of King's X constantly push themselves to tour and keep making music.
That is just what they do...

Before the show at The Haunt, I sat down and did an interview with Bassist Doug Pinnick and Drummer Jerry Gaskill. We discussed the new album, the new legions of fans, the future of King's X, and our old friends Masters of Reality. Both Jerry and Doug were very friendly guys and it was a pleasure speaking with them.

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