October 15th, 2003 - The Haunt - Ithaca, NY


Fishbone's Angelo Moore with Tom.

Formed in Los Angeles in 1979, Fishbone combined the manic jumpiness of Ska with the volatile energy of Punk, added a heaping helping of Funk, a fistful of Metal, and then threw in a Theramin for good measure to create a recipe for success like nobody had ever heard before.
On top of that, the band's goofy sense of humor and sharp social commentary drew them a cult crowd that would be the envy of many bands.
Early in their career, some tried label Fishbone a ska group incorporating other styles, but the band's stew of funk, soul, punk, metal, jazz, reggae and seemingly everything else musical is far more distinctive — and exciting — than simple categorization allows.
At one point during the late 80's, Fishbone was considered "THE Band to See Live." Their high-energy shows and great musicianship were the talk of the nation. They inspired many bands including Sublime, Porno for Pyros, and Infectious Grooves.
Fishbone's current line-up includes three founding members: Angelo Moore (Vocals, Sax, Theramin), John Norwood Fisher (Vocals, Bass), and Walter Kibby II (Vocals, Pocket Trumpet), along with Spacey T (Guitar, Vocals) and John Steward (Drums).
I caught Fishbone's Live show while they were on their Co-Headlining Tour with King's X at the Haunt in Ithaca, NY and it was easy to understand why the band had the reputation that they do. The crowd never stopped moving! They bounced around like popcorn popping, and pogo'd, as well as skanking all over the dance floor. What a Blast!
Set: Behavior/Bonin'/Riot/Karma/Ma & Pa/Cholly/Problems/Last Daze/Alcoholic/Skankin'/Lyin' Ass Bitch/Give It Up/Sunless Encore: Party/Red Hot

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