Halloween 2003 - Water Street Music Hall - Rochester, NY


's name has been the subject of countless debates amongst fans over the years as to what it stands for (their record company even went as far as holding a contest in 1994 for fans to submit possible meanings, resulting in more than a thousand entries), but the confirmed meaning is Kein Mitleid Für Die Mehrheit, when translated in English means No Pity for the Majority.
Originally formed in 1984 by founding members Sascha Konietzko (aka "Kapt'n K") and German painter/multi-media performer Udo Sturm, KMFDM has gone through numerous personelle changes since it's conception.
The only KMFDM member to appear on EVERY release is Sascha Konietzko whose duties include songwriter, producer, mixer, programmer, sampler, vocalist, percussionist, bassist, and electronic gadgets. In addition to Sascha, the band's current line-up consists of Steve White(guitar), Jules "Joolz" Hodgson(guitar), Raymond "Pig" Watts(vox,guitar), Lucia Cifarelli(vox), Bill Rieflin(bass), and Andy Selway(drums).
The present incarnation of KMFDM have released a new album called World War III. The songs on WWIII take a harsh look at the current social climate of the United States and is not afraid to call names or point fingers. The Bush-led Iraqi war has given KMFDM plenty of fuel for their disdain toward American political figures. In my opinion, WWIII is the best KMFDM album in years.
Before the show at Rochester, NY's Water Street Music Hall, I sat down with the band and did my interview. I had planned on sitting down with just Sascha, so imagine my surprise when the whole band was there! They were quite the funny bunch of guys. Sascha was a bit groggy from just waking up when I got there, but he did the interview. He sounded as if he was talking in his sleep! The interview done, my assistant Mike Trumble and I headed back into the club to wait for the show. The opening band BILE performed their forty-five minute set to warm up the crowd.
KMFDM finally took the stage and the costumed fans went wild. The capacity crowd was thrilled to be given such a cool Halloween treat! The band opened with the Title track to the new WWIII album as a film of the band in Hillbilly outfits played on the video screens.
The entire show was a major multi-media experience. You don't just go to a KMFDM show...You EXPERIENCE it. Flashing images, intense lights and phenominal music all combine to leave you leave you breathless and spent. The band palyed plenty of fan favorites such as "Light" and "A Drug Against War" as well as the new material, and ended the show with not one, not two, But THREE encores! It was by far, the best Halloween I have had in years.

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