American Head Charge
Feb 26, 2005 - Northern Lights - Clifton Park, NY
Ed Roy of Influenza (whom we call MedusED due to his dreadlocks), his friend T.J. , and I drove to Clfton Park, NY on the outskirts of Albany to see Otep, American Head Charge, Candiria, Bloodsimple, and Last Call at Northern Lights.
American Head Charge is from Minneapolis, Minnesota. The band plays a manic, driving barrage of avaunt Industrial Metal and nightmare grindcore that alternates between pummeling ferocity and passages of all-out grandeur. They are touring in support of their cd: The Feeding.

Before the show, I bumped into drummer Chris Emery. I had just walked in and he walked up to us and introduced himself.
We talked for a while about how the tour was going and how cold it was in Albany. Then he had to go get his stuff together for the show. We snapped a quick photo and then he was off.
What sets American Head Charge apart is their ability to transform their rage into dark and twisted vibes and melodies. Vocalist Martin Cock spits his lyrics with frightful conviction over the sonic tsunami created by the band.
The combination works for the band's ever-growing legion of fans. The mob in front of the stage showed their appreciation by slamming and crowd surfing like maniacs.

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