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All About Tom


Sometimes, the craziest idea you have can be the thing that changes your life. The original idea of TomAroundTheWorld.com was to travel, promote Peace & Good Will through music, interview my favorite bands, and do some good in return. Looking back, I would say I have done very well.
In 2001, when I began TomAroundTheWorld.com, there were no Kickstarter or GoFundMe type of crowd sourcing sites. My idea of getting a dollar for a button to send me on my adventures was a unique idea, and many people supported it.
If you think about it, I was a true pioneer of crowd sourcing.
Thanks to the generous support of the people who donated, I was able to travel all over the United States, Canada, Mexico, France, and England. I met many wonderful people, saw incredible sights, ate some amazing culinary delights, and attended some of the best and most legendary concerts and music festivals. I got to hang out and interview some of the most legendary bands in the world, and chill with many of my heroes, including The Sex Pistols, The Damned, Hank 3, and so many more.
It still blows my minds that the idea worked as well as it did.
It also worked out well for others. A percentage of the money I raised got donated to various charities and non-profit organizations. Since the site began in 2001, I have made thousands of dollars in donations to groups such as Make-A-Wish, Camp High Hopes, C.R.O.P. Walk Against Hunger, the AIDS Walk, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Center, the Dave Brockie Foundation, and many others. I helped raise money to send kids to summer camp for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, and got a playground built in a park on Syracuse's North Side.
Through shows presented by TomAroundTheWorld.com's DECONSTRUCTION Punk & Indie Rock Night, I gave many new, emerging bands their first shot at playing in clubs, and brought many bands from around the region, as well as from across the country, to Syracuse for people's enjoyment.
It has been a wonderful 14 years!
With that said, I want to announce that I am officially ending the TomAroundTheWorld project.
The official site will remain online as a documentation of what I have done, but no new stories will be added. The TATW Facebook page will remain active as well.
I need to concentrate on healing from my back surgery, getting my life in order, and trying to win back the heart of the woman I love above all others. There comes a time when you have to stop chasing Rock Stars and get on with REAL Life. Doing this site has been a wonderful experience, and I love what I have accomplished, but I Love Dawn more...
I did not do all this stuff alone, I have had a lot of help from a wonderful crew. I could not have done this without them. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has helped me out on the site, and participated in my adventures.
* First, Thanks to Jamie & Emily Aitcheson for all their help in getting the original site built and started. I had no idea how to do it, and you helped so much.
* Thanks to Slaphead, who was a contributing writer at the beginning.
* Thanks to all the bands that we interviewed for giving us your time. I know you are very busy.
* Thanks to all the wonderful PR groups we worked with for the opportunities & press passes!
* A HUGE THANK YOU to Mike”Sven O'Neil” Trumble for all your help and support in setting up interviews, assistance at shows, and doing R&D. You Rock, and I couldn't have done it without you!
* A HUGE THANKS to Jackie Pilon for all her support and help in transcribing interviews, I appreciate it so much!
*Thanks, and major props to Terry Conkrite for your help in organizing fundraisers. You have a real talent in that field.
* AN ENORMOUSLY HUGE THANK YOU to Chris Besaw for being my partner in crime on so many amazing adventures over the last few years! Your help took the site to a new level. You made so many new contacts, and got us bigger and better shows! And, your AMAZING Photos brought up the quality of the site! You pushed me to be better and faster at getting things done. THANK YOU!
* Thanks to Kelly Besaw for her support, and letting your husband participate in our wild adventures.
* The BIGGEST and Best THANK YOU to Dawn Brown for all your Love, being there for me through thick & thin, supporting me in this project, being part of these adventures, and putting up with my late nights, my craziness, and my boxes of signed posters, set lists, guitar picks, etc. You are the Rock Star of my Heart. I Love You. Thank you for all you have done for me. You have my eternal gratitude.
* Lastly, THANKS SO MUCH to all the fans, friends, and followers that gave me a dollar to go away. Your support meant so much to me. It was because of your generosity that I was able to realize a crazy idea that changed my life and the lives of others! Thanks for following me, and being part of these crazy adventures. Together, we made the world a cooler place.
I am writing a book about my experiences, and look forward to sharing it with you.
Thank you all so much for changing my life.
Enjoy the site!
Tom “AroundTheWorld” Carpenter

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