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What is Tom Around The World?

TomAroundTheWorld.com is a music-based travel site that receives over 2 million visitors a year, and its popularity continues to grow. The site is based on the belief that although we look different and have different customs, we all share the same love of Rock & Roll, in all of its various forms.
On the site, (which is completely funded by fans making a One Dollar Donation for a sticker or 1" button), Tom Carpenter travels to Music Festivals and Concerts all over the United States and (literally) around the world interviewing and photographing some of the hottest and most legendary bands on earth and posting the articles on the site.
In addition to the various music festivals, Tom also ventures to interesting and exciting places and events in the area of the festivals such as Museums, Theme Parks, and smaller local festivals, as well as the local nightlife.
Carpenter and crew post their photos, interviews, journals, observations, and tips on the TomAroundTheWorld.com website, showing how it was done to encourage others to travel and experience cultural diversity firsthand.
Carpenter also decided that if he was getting something for nothing, he ought to help some other people, too, "just as a karmic thing." He decided to start donating a share of his donations to children's charities, starting with Make-a-Wish, and including Camp High Hopes and the MDA. "You're donating a buck, you're going to change my life, and in the process, I'm donating a percentage of this to different children's charities to change somebody else's life."
Tom concedes that the things he does on his website aren't for everyone, but maintains that there are enough people interested in the kind of things he does to make the site worth checking out."I pick a lot of things that are off the beaten path, that John Q. Public might look at that and go 'I wouldn't want to do that,' but there are certain people who think it's really cool."

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