Tom with Sid Terror @ Inland Invasion II.
California Punkers The Undead began their reign of Terror in 1977 and continue to do so today.
Singer Sid Terror's grandfather was a silent movie actor in Germany. He used the STAGE name Max Schreck. Schreck is a German word that translates to TERROR in English. He was the actor who starred as the vampire in the original 1922 silent film NOSFERATU, and believe it or not, that is the only movie that still gives me the Heebee-jeebees when I watch it. Count Orlock is sooo creepy.

How appropriate for the man that is famous for his trademaked Dagger microphones, which along with several of his former leather jackets, are on display in the Punk Rock Museum in Los Angeles.

I met Sid at the Inland Invasion II concert when I went to see The Sex Pistols. The Undead were not playing the show, just hanging out. I was waiting to do my interview with Warren from the Vandals and Sid was just sitting there. So, not being shy, I walked up and asked if it was him and he replied yes. I took a photo quickly and we spoke for several moments until it was time for my interview.

Sid was very friendly and well spoken. It was an honor to meet him.


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