November 7th, 2003 - Valentine's - Albany, NY



The Greatest Rock -N-Roll Band In America

The Supersuckers are one of the most under-rated, hardest working bands in America. Listening to The Supersuckers reminds you of what made you love this style of music to begin with. Musically, The Supersuckers make no detours. They play Rock-n-Roll the way it is suppose to be played: straight forward and to the point, with great hooks.
The Supersuckers
are: Eddie Spaghetti (vocals/bass), Ron "Rontrose" Heathman (guitar god), Dan "Thunder" Bolton (guitar), and Mike Montebutcher (drums).
The Supersuckers always been known for their punky, Motorhead-meets-Willie Nelson type sound. Coincidentaly they have played as back up band for Willie Nelson on The Tonight Show and toured with Motorhead. (Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead is quoted as saying, "If you don't like The Supersuckers, you don't like Rock and Roll.") They have also toured with The Ramones, Social Distortion, and a host of other kick-ass bands.
Make no mistake about it, one day the Supersuckers will get the recognition they rightly deserve, but until then, they will continue to tour the land spreading the devil’s work and putting out quality records such as their newest release on their own Mid-Fi Record label entitled: Motherfuckers be Trippin'.

The opening track "Rock-N-Roll Records (Ain't Selling This Year)" starts the album off on a cool note, while "Pretty Fucked Up" is not only a damn good, snotty rocker, but also lyrically is quite funny. ("She used to be pretty, now she's just pretty fucked up.") On "Sleepy Vampire" they get a bit calmer, but not too calm. This album is an all-around rocker and gets superheavy rotation in my CD player. As a bonus, the CD is of the enhanced variety. For the computer illiterate, that means there is some special stuff for your computer to momentarily divert your attention away from the porn sites you usually frequent. Special features include photos, a biography, and three live videos as well as a link to the band's website.

Flashback: The first time I saw The Supersuckers perform live was when they were the opening band on Social Distortion's White Light, White Heat, White Trash tour. I had been turned on to them a few month's earlier by Gregg Yeti of The Flashing Astonishers. He gave me the disc "La Mano Cornuda" to write a review for his 'zine. I took it home and was instantly hooked by the catchy songs and great humor. I, of course, wrote a great review. (Four Stars if I remember correctly.) So, a few month's later, when I got to the club and discovered that they were the opening band I flipped! Seeing Social D is always phenominal, but when you get the cool added bonus of The Supersuckers, it is like like dying and going to Rock & Roll Heaven. The show was awesome!
Fast Forward to the Present: The Supersucker's show at Valentine's in Albany, NY was even better than the first time I saw them, and was worth the LONG wait to see them again. Their LIVE show is as great as any I have ever seen. The crowd of about three hundred was witness to a true Rock-N-Roll Spectacle. From the opening notes of Rock-N-Roll Records, the crowd was enthusiastic and wild. The band fed off the energy of the crowd and turned in spectacular performance, running through many songs from the new release as well as many from their past such as "Creepy Jackalope Eye ," "My Victim," and "Santa Rita High." The high energy songs and talking-amongst-friends attitude of the band seemed to make time speed along, and before it seemed possible, the show was nearly over.
As the band approached the end of their set, Eddie Spaghetti tossed off a few words about bands that leave the stage, stand at the side, and wait for the obligatory encore. He called for the end of such silly actions by saying, "You know they're coming back...They know they're coming back...So why do it?" He called for the crowd to boycott encores and explained that in the time it takes for the crowd to scream and the band to come back out, a whole other song could have been played. At that point the band launched into the final three songs and wrapped up with a ripping version of Born With A Tail.
Before the show, I sat down and did an interview with The Supersuckers' Guitar God-in-residence: Ron "Rontrose" Heathman as well as a little bit with Eddie Spaghetti. We discussed the new release, the band's history, their new record label, The West Memphis Three, and some fun road stories. To check it out, click on the interview link below.