February 11, 2003 - Bridge Street Music Hall


Noise Therapy hails from Vancouver, British Columbia. (That's in Canada, eh.)
They got the show on a heavy note and rocked as if their lives depended on it. They blew every other band off the stage! I really mean that. They were the best performance of the night. It is no wonder that this band's opening song "Get Up" debuted in the #36 spot on the Billboard Chart for the week of Feruary1, 2003 and is climbing with a quickness.
The band consists of vocalist Dave Ottoson, Bassist Rob Thiessen, Keyboardist James F., Drummer Bobby James, and Guitarist Kai (Formerly of Tommy Lee's Methods of Mayhem).
The main songwriting duties of the band are shared by Rob and Dave with the rest of the band filling out the music to make it evolve into a rich tapestry of sound.
The songs are groove-heavy and suck you in. You begin to feel the need to move.
The drums drive you, the guitar sends you into a frenzy, the keyboards add layers and when the bass drops in... All HELL BREAKS LOOSE!
(Rob Thiessen has one of the coolest Bass sounds in Rock today!)

All this great musicianship makes an awesome platform for Dave to put in his part.
The intelligent and cathartic lyrics are delivered with style, power and passion.

The crowd was fully into this band. There was plenty of moshing going on and the band even reserved one song for a "Ladies Only" mosh. The four girls that did get into the pit and made an attempt to mosh looked pretty weak. The guys in the crowd just laughed and looked at each other as if to say "What the Hell..." After the girls gave the floor back to the boys, the pit returned to full rage and the band played out the rest of their set to plenty of cheers and screaming from the crowd. SEE THIS BAND LIVE!!!!

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