Magic City Music Hall - Johnson City, NY - March 5, 2005

On March 5th, Eric Keese and I went to Magic City Music Hall in Johnson City on the outskirts of Binghamton, NY to do an interview with Dave Brockie. He is better known as his stage persona: Oderus Urungus, the infamous lead singer of GWAR, The Most Notorious Band in the Universe. My interview was scheduled for 3:30 and we arrived precisely on time.
After finding the tour manager, I introduced myself and we were told that Dave would be with us momentarily. During the wait, Eric and I checked out the club.
Magic City Music Hall is really big. I estimate it would hold a good 700 people for a concert event. It has a kitchen and makes food during shows. The Pit area is large and enclosed so that the moshing doesn't interfere with those that don't feel like participating. All around the enclosed area is dining tables.
Eric and I saw a note on the wall that read "Concert Menu."
Assuming it meant the list of upcoming bands, Eric and I walked up to peruse the posted document. It turned out to be an actual menu of foods that were served during the show. We felt sort of stupid for not thinking that in the first place…
The tour manager returned and had us follow him to a room in the back of the club. Dave was in the room when we arrived and the TV was playing that Charlie Sheen baseball movie that uses the song "Wild Thing." (I remember thinking to myself: "Man, I hope he isn't really watching that.")
Dave was busy unpacking armor, etc, for the evening's performance. He stopped to welcome us and cleared a few places for us to sit. We spoke for a few minutes and then Dave told us that he had to run out to the bus; he would be right back, and to wait a few moments.
I was looking around the room and a saw a flyer for the night's event listing band times. The list showed that Punch Drunk Monkeys was playing, and I said to Eric, "Hey! That's Crappy the Clown's old band. I wonder if he's still with them." As soon as the words came out of my mouth, I heard a voice say, "Yes, I am." It was Crappy himself! How cool was that?
He remembered me from a few shows that we had played together back in the day. We took a photo and spoke for a few moments about old times and old friends. It was so good to see him again. He had to get stuff together for the show, so he took off.
Eric and I found ourselves left ALL ALONE in a room with GWAR's armor and weapons. It was like being a really big kid in a really weird toy store. Sitting on a table across from me was Beefcake's helmet.

The urge to try it on was overwhelming! But, I am sure that if I had tried it on, it would be just my dumb luck that it would have some sort of spirit or demon living inside it that would possess me and take me on an intergalactic murder spree. But, I gave up demon possession for New Years, and, damn it, I intend to keep that resolution. So, for that reason I didn't touch it. That… and the fact that before Dave left, he sternly told us: "Don't Touch Anything!"
As I checked out Oderus' armor, Eric noticed that the legendary "Cuttlefish of Cthulu" was sitting right out on the arm of a couch, with the big, red, pendulous balls reaching nearly to the floor. Eric looked at me, then over both shoulders, and then he did it…
Eric reached out and touched the Cuttlefish! Near it's head... Just a tiny poke... As if checking to see if it was dead... It was so funny. We laughed really hard. So hard, in fact, that Eric nearly caused Oderus' giant sword to fall when he leaned back in the chair. How hard would THAT have been to explain to the cops?

I can just see it now:
Cop: "What the Hell happened here?"
Me: "My buddy touched Oderus' overly-large, sentient penis and laughed so hard he beheaded himself."
Cop: "Yeah... Right, pal... What the Hell kinda DRUGS are you ON!? You have the right to remain silent..." (I am so glad it didn't fall...LOL)
Ok! So, back to the story:
Eric and I checked out all the armor and weapons for about twenty minutes, until Dave (remember Dave?) finally returned from the bus. Before the interview we talked about that fact it was Dave who gave me my first interview for my site. He remembered me and we had a brief personal chat before going "on record." We sat down and started the interview.
Dave began the interview in character, as Oderus Urungus. I started to thank him for the interview and he began yelling at me as you will hear on the mp3. He really goes off about that as Oderus. It is very funny. Dave is a riot when in character, but he soon switched to himself and we spoke for nearly a half hour. The interview went very well. We laughed through most of it.
We talked about the new GWAR album: WAR PARTY, the future of the band and much, much more. Dave also shared a cool Ramones story with me.
We wrapped up the interview, I thanked Dave Brockie for his time, and wished him a great show. We had to leave due to our tight schedule.
The GWAR interview was only the start of my day. I still had to be in Wilkes-Barre, PA by 6 PM to do an interview with Joe Queer of Punk Legends: The Queers. So, Eris and I jumped back into the truck, caught the highway, and headed south with a plan.
The plan was to drive down to Wilkes-Barre, do the interview, shoot some live photos of The Queers, and hurry back to get a few photos of the end of GWAR. But you know what they say about "the best laid plans of mice and men…" They often go awry.
Due to the scheduling of the two shows, we were unable to get back to see GWAR's performance... So, I have no photos and no review* of the show. That is life. Next time, I will get covered in twice as much blood.
* I asked GWAR superfans: Josh Hevner and his friend Bill if they would write a review of the show and I am still waiting for it. I will post it as soon as I get it.

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