Tom Meets
George Clinton

"How To Go from Uber-Punk to SuperFunk in Under Two Hours"

George Clinton
B.B. King's Blues Club

George Clinton with Tom in New York City.

On my recent trip to New York to see the SEX PISTOLS, I got a few unexpected surprises.
After the show, my girl Sarah and I decided to get some food and then walk around Times Square.
On the way, we came to B.B. King's Blues Bar and a huge crowd of people was leaving. I asked a guy with a pass who had played. He told me George Clinton and P-Funk. I asked if the bus parked in front was his and he said yes. I also asked if he would be coming out soon. His reply was, "Yeah, if he wants to go back to the hotel."
I was like: "George loves us, man!" in a really bad Animal House impression. Sarah and I laughed and decided to wait for George to come out to try to get a picture.
There is a saying that if you stand in Times Square long enough, you will bump into someone you know. Well, guess what… It's true.
As we waited for George Clinton, a guy walked up behind me on my right and said, "Blue Tusk."
I damn near wet my pants. I turned around to find this guy called Keegan that is a regular at the Blue Tusk where I work as a bouncer. We chatted for a few and then he left. That was cool being recognized in New York.
Soon, George Clinton came out. I have met George many times and he actually recognizes me when he sees me, though I am sure he doesn't know "why" he knows me. He always says Hi to me and asks how I am. We chatted for a few moments and I got a photo with him and the only autograph that he signed outside. As George was getting into his car, I heard a voice call out, "Tom… Tom Around The World?"
I turned to look and found my long-time friend: Mike Shanahan. Many of you will recall him as the navigator on the trip to France. He is living in NYC and making his way as an actor. He just happened to be bored and came down to Times Square to find something to do.

What he found instead was me. What were the chances? There are like 15,000,000 people in NYC and he found me!!! I loved his "Anticrombie" shirt!
We laughed and talked and called our friend Gary and told him what had happened. Gary was as surprised as we were.
Mike was on his way to catch a train back to his apartment and we walked him to the train, said our goodbyes, and continued on our journey. What a crazy night!

Mike Shanahan with me in NYC!!