May 14th, 2003 - Cafe Metropolis - Wilkes-Barre, PA


Tom with Spike (L) and Harold (R) of D.R.I.
Photo by Allen Casler

Dirty Rotten Imbeciles, (aka D.R.I.), were one of the first bands to mix hardcore with thrash metal. Formed in Texas in the early '80s, they started out playing basic, straight-ahead hardcore. By their second album they had added the aspects of speed/thrash metal, and by the third album, there was no telling where one genre began or the other ended. It became a seamless blend of the two styles that influenced many bands that came later.
The band toured relentlessly and created a following that is as loyal to them as the band is to their fans. With no "rock star" attitudes to get in their way, the members of the band freely walk amongst the crowd before and after the show. They realize that it is the fans that make them who they are and they want to be with them.
Fast-forward to the year 2003 and you will find that D.R.I. (with a few personnel changes) is still touring and drawing crowds that would make any punk band of today jealous. To this day, unlike many bands, they still man their own merchandise booth which gives them the opportunity to meet and speak to their fans, sign autographs, and get direct feedback from their vast audience of listeners.
Though they have never had a radio hit (and honestly don't want one), this band has remained true to the underground scene and kept the respect of industry professionals and fans alike.

Like most of the shows on the TWENTIETH ANNIVERSARY TOUR, the show at Cafe Metropolis in Wilkes-Barre, PA was a SOLD OUT show. The small room at the club allowed for a very intimate D.R.I. experience that kicked ass. They opened with "Who Am I?" and ran through thirty-four songs that included such favorites as "Dry Heaves," "Couch Slouch," "Wages of Sin," "I Don't Need Society," "Violent Pacification," "Five Year Plan," and "Nursing Home Blues." The wall-to-wall crowd loved every song and sang along, pumped their fists, and slammed. A great time was had by all, especially the person I took as my guest.
My guest for the show was none other than D.R.I. SUPERFAN: Allen Casler. I have known him for many years and he NEVER leaves his house without at least one D.R.I. item such as a hat, T-shirt, or button. His car has D.R.I. stickers... He is D.R.I.'s BIGGEST FAN and was really glad to meet his Heroes!

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