Hell's House Band


The Cramps @ Water Street Music Hall in Rochester, NY

Think of the sleaziest, raunchiest, most obscure, and silliest sexaul fantasy you ever had and I'll bet you The Cramps have already done it or at least thought of it. They've been doing this since 1975.
The Cramps unique sound combines classic rockabilly, touches of psychedelia, and a dose of humor.
Lux Interior's campy lyrics (devoted mostly to trashy B-movies and sleazy sex), when combined with the infectious rockabilly guitar stylings of Poison Ivy Rorschach, overblown bass sound of Scott "Chopper" Franklin, and thunderous drums of Harry Drumdini form an infectious, gloriously tasteless conglomeration of American trash culture. While their subject matter may verge on offensive to some, their obvious sense of humor and the fun, disposable feel of their best work prevent the listener from ever taking things more seriously than they should. (If you get offended, you didn't get the joke.)
The crowd of about three hundred and fifty at the Water Street Music Hall was definitely in on the joke. They were as much fun to watch as the band. Bondage gear and leather were the fashion choice of many, as was much make-up for men as well as women. There were several drag queens in full regalia, a girl dressed in the sexiest nurse uniform I had ever seen (It made me wish I was sick...) and many old school punkers mixed up with a few of the curious squares that came out to see the "Freak Show."

Everyone in attendance was treated to an outstanding performance from one of the greatest Punk bands ever. From the opening notes of "Dames" when Lux made his entrance in skin-tight leather and high heels to the encore's closing moments of "Surfin' Bird" that included Lux and Ivy rolling around on the floor as he licked her legs and sniffed her boots, everything about the show screamed Rock and Roll! Lux camped it up with the crowd between songs warning that the lyrics to an upcoming song would inform you how to defend yourself if the Earth were invaded by Martians. When interupted by a girl in the front, he replied that if he didn't tell us, we wouldn't survive, and then we'd all be sorry. The rest of the show he was uninterupted and The Cramps reigned supreme...Papa Satan would have been proud!

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